The High Impact Manager and Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO

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Managers are the unsung heroes of nonprofit organizations. They are the bridge that connect the goals and strategies of executive management with the ambitions and expertise of work teams. They play an integral role in employee productivity, retention, and organizational culture.


However, more and more managers are feeling squeezed in the middle. They report feeling overwhelmed, unsupported, and burnt out. Here’s the good news. It doesn’t have to be so hard. There are simple skills and tools that can help managers do their job better, faster, and easier.


The High Impact Manager builds those skills and provides the most useful tools to get the job done. This practical course is designed to help nonprofit professionals manage up, down, out, and across an organization to drive results and stay sane. It focuses only on the skills needed to be a high impact manager – skills that can be applied immediately. We don’t waste time on anything else.


For those looking to take a step further, we offer additional Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO advanced learning modules that develop the skills, mindset, and confidence needed to succeed as a nonprofit executive. The advanced learning modules are for people who aspire to or currently hold a nonprofit executive position or are looking to transition to the nonprofit sector. These people already have significant skills, experience, and interest and are looking to get to the next level. They are passionate about making a difference in the world – and want to have a life.


Both The High Impact Manager and Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO are based on proven content developed over our 25 years of helping organizations and their staff be more effective and efficient.


Learning Objectives

High Impact Manager participants will be able to:

  • Build and manage effective teams and address common staff challenges
  • Convert organizational goals and priorities into actionable steps
  • Manage programs, teams, and resources for maximum impact and efficiency


Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO participants will be able to:

  • Bring the right skills – the work, the people, the resources – to the table
  • Succeed as a nonprofit executive without getting burnt out
  • Design aspects of the traditional executive role that just don’t work anymore



Training includes the following topics. Topics in green denote the Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO advanced learning modules.

New Course Dates!


High Impact Manager

Week of April 1 – May 20

Be a Nonprofit CEO

Week of April 1 – June 3

(exact dates and times will be determined by cohort members)


25% early-bird discount if you Register by March 1!



Learning Objectives

The High-Impact Manager 

  • Understand the scope and scale of the nonprofit sector and its importance in society
  • Understand the role of manager and its potential for impact
  • Define the impact you want to have as a manager

Your Strengths as Manager

  • Assess your strengths and how they overlap with the responsibilities of a high-impact manager
  • Understand when and where to lead and when and where to manage

Circles of Control, Influence, and Concern

  • Differentiate your roles in leadership and management teams
  • Become a more strategic thinker

Working with Staff

  • Build effective teams and address common staff challenges
  • Manage the work of a group of people towards a specific result

Managing Up and Down

  • Convert organizational goals and priorities into actionable steps and define clear expectations for staff and volunteers
  • Negotiate and communicate up and down the chain

Managing In and Out

  • Use organizational goals to define necessary partners and supporters
  • Build and maintain productive, high-level partner relationships

The Business of the Business

  • Understand, create, and manage a department or program budget
  • Align department or program capacity to achieve goals

Becoming a High-Impact Manager

  • Finalize personal development plan and accountability strategies
  • Apply learnings and self-care strategies to current job/life situations

(Advanced CEO Module) Working with Boards

  • Develop productive staff-board relationships
  • Define what makes up the “work” of leadership and how to share leadership with a board of directors
  • Design an organizational planning process
  • Use dashboards to monitor progress and track results

(Advanced CEO Module) Fundraising Myths/Realities and Getting Down to Business

  • Understand the CEO’s and board’s role in fundraising
  • Identify fundraising trends and best practices for your organization
  • Design a fundraising planning process and oversee implementation
  • Develop and make a specific ask for support

Course dates:

  • High Impact Manager: week of April 1-May 20
  • Be a Nonprofit CEO: week of April 1-June 3
  • The High Impact Manager is a prerequisite to Be a Nonprofit CEO
  • Date and time of class will be determined by the cohort members



  • The High Impact Manager = $1500*
  • Be a Nonprofit CEO = $1800*

* Those who register by March 1, 2019, will receive a 25% early bird discount.


What to Expect

  • Customized content, tools, and overall experience to meet participants needs
  • To complete 90-minutes of live virtual classes and ~3 hours of reading and activities each week
  • To learn as much from other participants as from the course leader and content
  • A professional and collegial network that will provide career-long support