Consulting – Outcome-Based Solutions for Your Organization

Our consulting services help your organization become

  • more focused
  • create stronger connections
  • and attract and allocate resources to achieve impact

Our Consulting Process

  • We conduct rigorous analysis to identify your core issues
  • We guide strategic decision making based on results of the analysis
  • We deliver recommendations and personalized products that become tools to guide your daily decisions and actions
  • We foster a long-term relationship to help you navigate the implementation process and succeed

For more information about how our consulting services are structured by our Integrated Strategy, read about our integrated approach.>>

Our Most Popular Consulting Projects

Business Planning

  • Analyze the core components of your organization in this process that includes elements of all our other consulting services
  • Define the operations, services, markets, systems, structures, and revenue model that will allow your organization to most effectively accomplish its goals

Strategic Marketing and Communication

  • Broaden and deepen your relationships with volunteers, members, or funders
  • Create the communications, public relations, and marketing strategies that most resonate with your target markets

Organizational Analysis and Development

  • Analyze your organization’s systems, structure, staffing, processes, and culture
  • Align your capacity to support identity and constituents to create a more sustainable organization and get to the next level of success

Systems Change

  • Analyze trends, stakeholders, and your capacity to understand what system change efforts mean for your organization, agency, or program
  • Make deliberate, informed decisions about how to respond in a quickly changing environment, maintain mission impact, and build a sustainable organization
  • Define specific strategies and action steps to align internal capacity, partnerships, and stakeholder relationships

Strategic Planning and Positioning

  • Make critical decisions based on solid analysis of your organization’s context, trends, markets, and capacity
  • Set the direction and focus that will allow you to manage daily work to achieve results
  • Fully consider market gaps and your competitive environment as context for decisions
  • Define your distinct niche within your sphere of influence and leverage your assets to create a strong organizational position

Resource Development

  • Define the most effective revenue model for your organization based on your capacity and external environment
  • Develop strategies that will allow you to achieve financial goals and create a more financially sustainable organization

Outcome-based Technical Assistance

  • Redesign your technical assistance program to achieve specific goals and increase engagement
  • Implement a systematic, structured process that matches the TA intervention and the desired outcome and enables accurate evaluation


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