Do you want to be a Non-Profit CEO?

Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO

The Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO 14-week program is designed to develop with the skills, mindset, and confidence you need to succeed in a nonprofit leadership position – all delivered on an online learning platform in a small-cohort format.


Be a Nonprofit CEO is designed for people who:

  • Are passionate about making a difference in the world – but also want to have a life
  • See the nonprofit sector as the place where they can best make that different
  • Already have significant skills and experience and are looking for the right support and expertise to get to the next level

Be a Nonprofit CEO offers:

  • A practical, real-world tested curriculum you can start applying after your first class
  • The chance to develop a robust professional network that can support throughout your career
  • An invaluable toolkit of literature, templates, and tools selected for their proven value
  • Ongoing access to peers, mentors and faculty, a resource library, professional development opportunities, and a graduates-only job board

And, we meet via an on-line learning platform – so you can participate from anywhere!

The first cohort launches in March 2018 and registration opens soon. Use the form above to request program updates.

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Not a webinar. Not a graduate degree. Just right.

Practical curriculum you can use

Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO provides a cohesive, comprehensive curriculum focused on what you need to know, understand, and be able to do to be an effective nonprofit CEO. This organizational development-based approach is derived from our 20 years of experience working with nonprofits around the country, real world nonprofit director and fundraising experience, and graduate-level nonprofit management coursework. It’s rigorous, but focused – everything you’ll need and nothing you won’t.


Cohorts are small – limited to a maximum of twelve. This allows us to customize the learning experience to meet your unique needs while you connect with and learn from peers. Our online learning platform provides the best of both worlds. You can log on to access reading materials, exercises, and discussions whenever works best for you.This flexibility supplements real time classes (90-minutes, once a week) held via video conference. No pre-recorded webinars. Real connection, conversation, and learning along with the flexibility you desire.

You’re not just building your career. You’re joining a community.

Be a Nonprofit CEO community

You already know that each cohort is limited to twelve individuals. Why twelve? Because that’s right in the sweet spot – not so big that you never really connect with anyone and not so small that you can’t find people you click with.


Now, the Be a Nonprofit CEO curriculum is incredibly valuable and will serve you well throughout your career. But it’s not enough.

Ask any current nonprofit CEO or executive director and they will tell you how lonely the position can be. Some things you just can’t share with your board staff. A strong relationships with peers is key to thriving as a nonprofit CEO. They are who you can turn to you when you face challenges, have to make tough decisions, or want to celebrate your success!

Building this kind of peer support system is so important that we have designed the program to facilitate its development. And, we are committed to co-creating ongoing platforms and support for Be a Nonprofit CEO graduates to ensure that the network you initiate during your class grows into the community you need as you take on new roles and responsibilities.