As a nonprofit professional, you know the profound impact nonprofits have on our communities and world. You tackle big problems and bring about positive change. Your contribution to the sector and the causes you care about embodies the best spirit and values of our nation and global community.

If there were ever at time to recommit to the nonprofit sector, it is now. Endless news stories about the daunting social, environmental, and political challenges we face emphasize the need for thriving nonprofits with effective leaders at their helm.


Leaders like you!

But are you ready to recommit? Are you up for the challenge?

The Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO course can get you prepared. This 14-week online course is designed to develop the skills, mindset, and confidence you need to be a successful nonprofit executive.

With so many leadership programs out there, you might wonder why Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO. Here’s what this course offers that others do not…


  1. More than a leadership course

Leadership skills are important, but they’re only one part of what it takes to succeed. Rather than focusing solely on leadership style, Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO covers all the key skills you need to succeed – strategic decision-making, aligning organizational resources, self-care practices – just to name a few! Check out the course overview and see how it encompasses all the skills you need!


  1. Relevant content and tools that can be applied immediately

We have taken our 20+ years of experience working with 700+ organizations and distilled the content, tools, and resources that are most relevant to the job of a nonprofit executive. Our practical, real-world tested curriculum let you practice skills and build confidence and expertise after your first class.


  1. Robust network of like-minded peers

You’ll be part of a community of nonprofit leaders and supportive, savvy mentors. You’ll have ongoing contact with course leaders and exclusive content like articles and webinars and a graduates-only job board that includes our nationwide network of nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies.


  1. Small cohort and customized content

Our small cohorts (capped at 12 people) allow participants to build strong connections to peers and mentors. The small cohort model also allows us to customize content to meet your unique needs and interests. We do our best to match participants to cohorts aligned with their interests and experience.


  1. Strong return on investment

This course is designed for anyone who aspires to or currently holds a nonprofit executive position. Participants have significant skills, experience, or interest and are looking for the right support and opportunity to get to the next level.

It’s ideal for people who already have academic training in nonprofit management and are looking to hone their skills and take the next step in their path to advancement. The course is also for people who do not have formal nonprofit management training. Compare Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO to a graduate degree and you’ll find this course is more practical, less expensive, and less-time consuming. Any way you slice it, it is an excellent return on investment to prepare you for what you want to do.


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