Consulting – Outcome-Based Planning, Organizational Development, and Marketing

Our consulting services help your organization become more focused, create stronger connections, attract and engage new audiences, and allocate resources to achieve impact.

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Our Consulting Process

  • We conduct rigorous analysis to identify your core issues
  • We guide strategic decision making based on results of the analysis
  • We deliver recommendations and personalized products that become tools to guide your daily decisions and actions
  • We foster a long-term relationship to help you navigate the implementation process and succeed

For more information about how our consulting services are structured by our Integrated Strategy, read about our integrated approach.


Our Most Popular Consulting Services

Business Planning

Analyze the core components of your organization in this process that includes elements of all our other consulting services.

Define the operations, services, markets, systems, structures, and revenue model that will allow your organization to most effectively accomplish its goals.

Strategic Marketing and Communication

Broaden and deepen your relationships with supporters, participants, clients, volunteers, members, or funders.

Create the communications, public relations, and marketing strategies that most resonate with your constituents and define how to attract and retain new supporters.

Strategic Planning and Positioning

Make critical decisions based on solid analysis of your organization’s context, trends, markets, and capacity.

Set the direction and focus that will allow you to prioritize daily work to achieve results.

Fully consider market gaps and your competitive environment as context for decisions.

Define your distinct niche within your sphere of influence and leverage your assets to create a strong organizational position.

Organizational Analysis and Development

Analyze your organization’s systems, structure, staffing, processes, and culture.

Align your capacity to support identity and constituents to create a more sustainable organization and get to the next level of success.

Resource Development or Fundraising

Define the most effective revenue model for your organization based on your capacity and external environment.

Develop strategies that will allow you to achieve financial goals and create a more financially sustainable organization.

Systems Change

Make deliberate, informed decisions about how to respond in a quickly changing environment, maintain mission impact, and build a sustainable organization.

Define specific strategies and action steps to align internal capacity, partnerships, and stakeholder relationships.

Outcome-based Technical Assistance

Redesign your technical assistance program to achieve specific goals and increase engagement.

Implement a systematic, structured process that matches the TA intervention and the desired outcome and enables accurate evaluation.

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