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"We just completed a two-year evaluation of our plan, and we have either met, exceeded, or are on track for all our activities. We set a target of funding 5 school districts but were actually able to fund 9 in FY14. We took the leap of faith to develop the program before we had funds, and then exceeded our funding expectations."

Section for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion, Alaska
Integrated Plan

"I’ve been in the nonprofit world for a long time but seldom have found professional consultants that brought such clarity to the business of running a nonprofit."

Training: Integrated Strategy

"Thanks again for an awesome meeting. I cannot stop thinking about the importance of this past weekend. You told the truth, avoided masking difficult tasks, and you did not claim any easy victories. Your assessment (and planning efforts) more than exceeded my expectations. Every Board member was impressed with you and the frank nature in which you delivered the message."

Directors of Health Promotion and Education
Strategic Plan

"They are very outcome and solution focused …. they facilitate to an outcome. The materials they develop are extremely well-informed, accessible, and useful to us and the partners working on the project. I also appreciate that they get right to the point in meetings and they are very clear on timeline, budgets, required staffing and next steps."
Strategy and Communication Advisor

"The Nonprofit Impact team brings a lot of knowledge and experience on organizational development. They were able to quickly understand the work our office does in order to formulate the plan and allow us to move forward. They are friendly and approachable, deliver quality products and meet their deadlines – they’re on top of things!"
Case Management Services Coordinator

"I was concerned that we had already done strategic plans and recommendations in the past but the follow through was the hardest bit. Shelli was there to ensure that there were not only recommendations but that there was an action plan and accountability."
Associate Director

"Shelli was easy to work with … she intellectually challenged us in our thought process. She helped to lead us to the conclusions we were struggling with but knew we needed to get to."
President of the Board of Trustees

"Shelli‘s help was invaluable. At the end of the day with a finished product, she still stayed engaged as we were putting together the pieces. She holds us accountable, which is exactly what we need… Shelli has an impressive track record and her history helped us be more confident."
State Forester

"Shelli was a very good communicator. She was able to boil information down to its essence, capture it and redistribute it for review, which was a huge time savings for leadership. And her tenacity in staying with the project and not allowing people to sit on the sidelines was very important because we needed everyone to be a player… She possessed all of the skills we needed because if we were going to spend state resources on a project, we needed to get to an outcome where our constituents would benefit. For us, that’s critical."
Deputy State Forester

“The entire process from beginning to end was enlightening and worthwhile; the impact of the good work resulting from this process still resonates to this day.”

“We worked with Nonprofit Impact in 2012 to develop a strategic plan for our NYS Department of Health Bureau of Chronic Disease Control which houses many of the Department’s cancer prevention and control programs. The entire process from beginning to end was enlightening and worthwhile; the impact of the good work resulting from this process still resonates to this day.

Since working with Nonprofit Impact and developing our bureau strategic framework, we have been able to accomplish meaningful bureau reorganization, clarification around our main purpose and how that is specifically operationalized in our day-to-day work, implementation of demonstration projects that are helping to inform what our future use of funding will be, and the writing of successful grant applications in the areas of breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening as well as collaborative funding opportunities with our state Medicaid program.”

New York State Department of Health | Bureau of Chronic Disease Control
Strategic Framework

"I want to thank you for the results we are seeing from your consultation. We just calculated that over the past 4 years, with the addition of 2 senior staff positions, donations have doubled, resulting in a quadrupling of funds for conservation program investments. So thanks!"

Maria Trabka, Executive Director

Saratoga PLAN
Strategic Plan

"Nonprofit Impact has greatly contributed to our organization’s culture change by providing our staff with coaching and training on how we can systematize outcome-based TA for our Training and TA program delivery. One year later, we are successfully transforming our daily practice and how we work with our membership based on the tangible instruction and framework that Shelli has helped us to create."

Tiffany J. Netters, Director of Health Policy and Governmental Affairs

Louisiana Primary Care Association
Strategic Plan, Training

"Thanks in large part to you, we have are clearly on a path to success… I will forever be in awe of your ability to synthesize the complex and create order and meaning."

Yvonne Smith, board member

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy
Needs Assessment, Strategic Plan, Implementation Assistance

"A vision without a plan is a dream. Shelli and her team provided the Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT) with the tools, leadership, and experience that has taken the SFCT from infancy to providing sustainable and meaningful programs in just 4 years."

David Guernsey, Executive Director

Special Forces Charitable Trust
Business Plan Blueprint

"Conservation Impact helped Saratoga PLAN’s Board identify our most immediate challenges and develop a practical business plan for the next stage of the organization’s maturation. Shelli worked in a very efficient but deep way to understand the context for our work. Even though she has helped hundreds of clients, she has a very personal and respectful approach which manifests into a highly customized business blueprint."

Maria Trabka, Executive Director

Saratoga PLAN
Strategic Plan

"Nonprofit Impact was a fabulous boost to our organization’s first-ever strategic planning process. Shelli was incredibly thorough, insightful, and a masterful facilitator in moving our board, staff, and teen council members from discussion to a mutually-shared vision and steps to get there.

Our new strategic framework has given us the guidance to restructure our program staff roles and responsibilities and has helped identify new opportunities for us to address organizational sustainability. It wasn’t just a planning process that started and ended, but one that is continuing to evolve as we work toward our new 5-year goals."

Rise Above Colorado
Strategic Plan

"After spending 2014 working with you, I believe the Commission is much better aligned for future success and now able to work on increasing our security for the day that our financial or political support takes a hit."

Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission
Marketing Plan

"We are doing great things and were very successful in getting grants to support our strategic plan. Yes, we still use it! I am so proud of the strides we made here and you helped us vision the possibilities!"

New York State Department of Health
Integrated Plan

"My managers and staff often refer to the plan and the work around it, so I know we made an impact!!"

Garfield County Public Health
Strategic Plan

"Great content—love the easy to implement tools."

"The handouts and examples were wonderful."

"Great resource to use in setting up partnerships."

Interact for Health
Training: Successful Collaboration for Healthy Communities

"I can’t tell you how valuable those two session were for me. We are already putting into practice a lot of your principles and are having great conversations about who we are and who is our audience."

Lower Merion Conservancy
Strategic Plan

"Although I felt I had a great understanding going into this workshop, I gained great tips across the board in all areas to strengthen what we’re doing. Presenter had great, realistic ideas we can use."

Interact for Health
Training: How to Develop Strategic, Successful Special Events

"The content made great sense, was very relevant to our coordinated chronic disease work, gives clear voice to the issues surrounding integration, and will help give ourselves permission to focus."

Michigan Department of Public Health
Integration Webinar

"Much of our recent success is, I think, directly traceable to the inspiration and direction your Audience Development Plan gave us to really ‘live the promise of our brand’ in serving our constituents in an authentic way that deeply connects with their needs and lifestyle choices to be in, connect with, and support nature."

Mohonk Preserve
Audience Development Plan

"Working with Shelli and Conservation Impact was one of the most successful and rewarding endeavors of my career."

US Forest Service | Florida National Scenic Trail
Partnership Plan

"Thanks to you and the Conservation Impact team, we were able to get clarity and resolution on issues with which we’d been struggling for years! I am in awe of all we were able to accomplish in a 1.5-day meeting. Your dedication to action and unequivocal outcomes was evident each time we met. There is no doubt our conservation efforts on the Florida National Scenic Trail will be more effective because of you."

US Forest Service | Florida National Scenic Trail
Partnership Plan

"We hired Nonprofit Impact with a goal of developing a joint strategic plan with a partner agency with whom we had worked for many years. We quickly realized we had work to do, within each organization to revisit our business models, and across organizations to define roles within the partnership and goals for the alliance. Both organizations are entities of the state with complex systems, and there were a number of new staff. Shelli expertly kept our focus on the tasks at hand and our shared goals for the future. She provided a combination of organizational development, professional coaching, and strategic planning, and we are still applying the lessons learned to this day."

Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust
Partnership Plan

"We regional managers were dubious having been through this type of process so many times before. Your refreshing acknowledgment of just how painful processes like this can be was so helpful. Clearly, you have found your niche, your ‘distinctive competence’ was evident."

NY Department of Health
Strategic Plan

"Best Healthy Communities training to date!!"

"Fantastic—decision makers needed to be here!"

Spokane Regional Health District
Training: Partner Relations

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Conservation Impact’s services. Their staff is very talented, experienced, and professional. It was a really good and organizationally insightful final report. The Conservation Impact team really knows their stuff."

Ducks Unlimited
Communications Plan

"This was the first session that addressed strategic planning that made sense in a non-bureaucratic way!"

Land Trust Alliance Rally
Strategic Positioning Presentation

"Your presentation was great. You have a wonderful way of distilling the concepts down to their core, helping us to remember that we constantly need to ask ourselves: will this action help the organization to thrive?"

Essex County Greenbelt Association
Strategic Positioning Presentation

"You did a great job handling the strategic planning workshop. I was impressed how you were able to keep the group on point, manage some strong and vocal personalities, and craft language which presented an acceptable compromise between differing points of view and sometimes doing all of these at the same time."

NY-NJ Trail Conference
Strategic Plan

"Your presentation was excellent, and I am very pleased that someone finally understands sustainability in the community and nonprofits. I have looked far and wide and for a long time with little success on sustainability—I learned so much from you! Thank you!"

Denver Public Health
Training: Sustainability

"Of all the consultants we have had over the 15 years I have been here, no one has helped us to be more transformative and to act on what we learned for the advancement of our mission."

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