The founder of Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact, Shelli brings 35 years of experience in nonprofit management, technical assistance, training, and consulting, helping clients cut through the noise and produce powerful results. Clients love Shelli’s direct, truth-telling style and no-nonsense approach as she helps them focus on the “business of the business” and challenges them to be even more potent and powerful than they imagined they could be.

About Shelli

“I am so lucky to have loved almost every minute of my 24 years at Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact. My passion, and great joy and honor, is helping to create stronger organizations whose critical work saves lives, builds better communities, and protects our earth.”


  • Founded Conservation Impact in 1996
  • Consulted with more than 1,000 nonprofits and agencies nationwide, in Canada, and in the Philippines
  • Developed and managed two revenue-generating enterprises of nonprofit institutions as well as Colorado’s 14 Small Business Development Centers
  • Developed and managed parks and recreation technical assistance centers in a 10-state region and a statewide technical assistance program serving juvenile justice organizations
  • Served as adjunct faculty member in the Masters of Nonprofit Management Program at Regis University, as a visiting professor at College of the Atlantic, and as an adjunct professor at the Colorado School for Public Health


  • Master of Public Administration with nonprofit emphasis – University of Colorado Denver
  • Bachelor of Arts in environmental conservation – University of Colorado Denver

What Clients are Saying about Shelli

“You’ve been our North Star always out there ready to help us get back on track.”

“Hands down the most qualified”

“You hit just the right balance of guiding the discussions and letting the board figure it out as we went along.”

“Thanks for all your hard work, energy, enthusiasm and frankness.”

“I’ve done a lot of what you do in my career but have to say that you are really the best that I have seen and worked with. Very impressive.”

“A fantastic, energetic teacher”

“A very engaging presenter!”

“Her personality, humor, insights, & skills made her session personal, enjoyable, & informative. I learned a tremendous amount & she was able to deliver the material in a very accessible way, cutting through the jargon. Greatly appreciated her candor & willingness to help us after the workshop. The time flew by & her presentation style kept us all engaged”

“It is a joy to work with someone who has the ability to move a group meaningfully through serious work.”

“Tenacity, experience, and great people skills.”

“It is such an honor to be working with a consultant who is so tuned in and ‘gets it.’”

“You are truly gifted at what you do!”

“You are an amazing visionary, manager, and leader. I feel privileged to work with you.”

“You clearly care about the groups that you work with, and want to help produce beneficial, productive outcomes.”

“Your candidness, honesty, and New Jersey attitude were beyond refreshing!”

“This really is an emotional thing—the prospect of REAL, MEANINGFUL, PROACTIVE, THOUGHTFUL, DELIBERATE FORWARD MOVEMENT for this special place/organization… Shelli, we truly could not have done it without you. This was the PERFECT process for this organization, and you are the only person who could have lead it. I enjoyed it and learned tons —my idea of a good time! Not to mention that you are a joy to work with.”
Shelli Bischoff

Shelli Bischoff

President & CEO

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Karen Buck

Karen Buck

Vice President of Consulting

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Lisa Selzler

Lisa Selzler

Vice President of Efficacy

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