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Reshape the Future: Be a Nonprofit CEO
    • 14-weeks, small cohort learning, online & real time
    • Practical curriculum and ongoing support
    • Inaugural cohort starts March 2018
    • For more information visit Be a Nonprofit CEO
Strategic Planning and Positioning
  • Use planning as a tool for making strategic decisions
  • Create a stronger position to become indispensable to your community
  • Develop strategies to reach target markets
  • Turn markets into long-time supporters
  • Distinguish between types of partners and create truly strategic partnerships
  • Strategically manage partnerships to achieve mutually beneficial goals
Organizational Development and Sustainability
  • Use solid analysis to develop your organization for its greatest impact
  • Create a more integrated and potent organization
Business Planning
  • Learn our comprehensive approach to integrating your organization’s key components
  • Create a tool to guide organizational success and sustainability
Outcome-Driven Technical Assistance
  • Use our five-step approach to design effective and efficient TA interventions
  • Build a strong, sustainable, and effective TA function within your organization
Project Management
  • Create project plans to manage multiple projects for efficiency and outcomes
  • Learn how to better delegate, coordinate multiple partners, resolve conflicts, and increase productivity

“It was a perfect workshop—especially targeted to our group’s specific issues and questions.”

Interact For Health, 2014

“Great content—love the easy to implement tools.”

Interact For Health, 2014


Our Presentation History

n4a 42nd Annual Conference 2017

Slow Food Nations Conference 2017

Land Trust Alliance Rally, 2006-2017

Aging In America Conference 2017

National Audubon Convention, 2015

Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care Annual Conference, 2015

Association of Nature Center Administrators, 2014

Public Health in the Rockies, 2008-2014

Association of Partners for Public Lands Convention and Trade Show, 2014

Aging and Disabilities Conference, 2013

National Council on Aging Grantees Meeting, 2013

River Rally, 2001-2013

Colorado Inaugural Aging and Disabilities Summit, 2012

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011

National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and Society for Public Health Education Academy, 2011

Nevada Chronic Disease Conference, 2011

CDC Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center, 2011

Washington Healthy Communities, 2010

National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, 2010

Center for Public Health Practice, 2009-2011

Colorado Open Space Alliance, 2008

Association of Partners for Public Lands Convention and Trade Show, 2008

Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts, 2001

Colorado Association for Nonprofit Organizations, 2000

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