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At Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact, we work exclusively with nonprofits, foundations, and public agencies. We are your strategy advisors, your planning consultants, your implementation guides, and your talent developers.

Maria Trabka, Executive Director
Saratoga PLAN

"Conservation Impact helped Saratoga PLAN’s Board identify our most immediate challenges and develop a practical business plan for the next stage of the organization’s maturation. Shelli worked in a very efficient but deep way to understand the context for our work. Even though she has helped hundreds of clients, she has a very personal and respectful approach which manifests into a highly customized business blueprint."

David Guernsey, Executive Director
Business Plan Blueprint

"A vision without a plan is a dream. Shelli and her team provided the Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT) with the tools, leadership, and experience that has taken the SFCT from infancy to providing sustainable and meaningful programs in just 4 years."

Linda Mead, CEO
D&R Greenway Land Trust

"Our marketing plan for D&R Greenway has guided our work and is producing results…We have focused our virtual events to build different target audiences … We are growing a new audience along with our traditional audience with each new offering, …Our targeted Open Space is Open emails have gotten a lot of attention,… we've added 7 new trustees, a mix of men and women and many YOUNG (from 25-45), with specific skills including marketing and promotion."

Carl Griffin, Board President
Inland Northwest Land Conservancy

"Inland Northwest Land Conservancy started working with Shelli and Conservation Impact in the Summer of 2016… Over the next 18 months, Shelli and her team made significant progress in helping INLC define our strengths, assist the board in establishing priorities, working with staff to make them more productive and a myriad of other activities that greatly benefited INLC and our community. Finally, Conservation Impact worked with us in our executive search as part of the interview team and we succeeded in identifying and hiring an excellent candidate."

Katy Hamilton, CEO
CWEE (Center for Work Education and Employment)

"Thanks to you/Non-Profit Impact. Karen is a real treasure. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her authenticity, commitment, talent, and overall greatness. She is one-of-a-kind! Profession, expert, competent and a joy to work with!! With her partnership, I am feeling truly confident about our planning process including so many great unintended consequences that Karen has helped me uncover. I am super excited to get to this work over the finish line. We are enormously grateful for your partnership… "

Anonomous Participant
CDC Training Workshop

"Shelli was terrific - her personality, humor, insights & skills made her session personal, enjoyable, & informative. I learned a tremendous amount & she was able to deliver the material in a very accessible way, cutting through the jargon. Greatly appreciated her candor & willingness to help us after the workshop. The time flew by & her presentation style kept us all engaged. I would love to attend a future session with her on facilitation skills. Thanks so much!"

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Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact are client-centered practices of our mission-driven company. We radically impact how nonprofits, foundations, and public agencies fulfill their missions and achieve results.








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We have extensive experience with nonprofits, public agencies, and foundations in the conservation, public health, and human services sectors.

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Our comprehensive approach guides our work and illustrates how an integrated organization is an impactful one thus successful and sustainable.

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With expertise, experience, and passion, our team cares about your success and impact.

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Client Testimonials

  • “They are very outcome and solution focused …. they facilitate to an outcome. The materials they develop are extremely well-informed, accessible, and useful to us and the partners working on the project. I also appreciate that they get right to the point in meetings and they are very clear on timeline, budgets, required staffing and next steps.”

    Strategy and Communication Advisor

  • “The Nonprofit Impact team brings a lot of knowledge and experience on organizational development. They were able to quickly understand the work our office does in order to formulate the plan and allow us to move forward. They are friendly and approachable, deliver quality products and meet their deadlines – they’re on top of things!”

    Case Management Services Coordinator

  • “I want to thank you for the results we are seeing from your consultation. We just calculated that over the past 4 years, with the addition of 2 senior staff positions, donations have doubled, resulting in a quadrupling of funds for conservation program investments. So thanks!”

    Executive Director, Saratoga PLAN
    Strategic Plan

  • “Much of our recent success is, I think, directly traceable to the inspiration and direction your Audience Development Plan gave us to really ‘live the promise of our brand’ in serving our constituents in an authentic way that deeply connects with their needs and lifestyle choices to be in, connect with, and support nature.”

    Mohonk Preserve
    Audience Development Plan