Information to Empower Your Organization

We have honed our collection of resources to those that we have proven build organizational success and sustainability.

Business Planning

The Integrated Strategy for Success and Sustainability: The Impact Model

What does it take for a nonprofit to thrive? The Integrated Strategy explains how aligning your identity, constituents, and capacity allows your organization to make an impact and ensures success and sustainability.
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Business Plan Blueprint: Integration and Impact

Why struggle to coordinate separate strategic, marketing, fundraising, and organizational development plans? A more integrated and powerful approach is to utilize a comprehensive business plan that exactly aligns all the various components of an organization so they are working together to achieve impact.

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From Strategic Planning to Strategic Positioning

A more outward-focused and sophisticated approach to planning, strategic positioning helps you capitalize on opportunities and best leverage your assets. In a competitive environment, positioning defines your competitive advantage and helps you fully occupy a distinct niche for next-level success.
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Capacity: The Power of the Business Model

The way capacity is attracted, organized, managed, and allocated can either contribute towards or detract from an organization’s impact. This article offers an holistic definition of capacity, explores why capacity building doesn’t necessarily lead to increased impact, and introduces the business model as a powerful way to leverage the capacity to increase impact, success, and sustainability.
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The Path to Program Sustainability

Sustainability: funders expect it and practitioners aspire to it. But how do you do it? This straightforward, three-step process outlines how to determine if the sustainability of a program is feasible and develop specific sustainability plans that ensure a future for important, impactful programs and services.
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Ready, Set, Go! It’s time to get started with succession planning

This workbook will take you from talking about succession planning to acting with tools and templates to help you assess and address your succession planning needs.
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Beyond Marketing: Becoming a Constituent-Centered Organization

Attracting fiercely loyal members and lifelong donors goes beyond marketing—it requires developing deep and meaningful relationships with your constituents, those people without whom your organization would cease to exist.
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Engaging your Audience for Success and Sustainability

“If you build it, they will come” is NOT a marketing strategy! This article outlines a proven, step-by-step process that helps organizations reach new audiences or more deeply engage existing audiences.
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Reinventing Partnerships: The Florida National Scenic Trail Case Study

This case study outlines the systematic process used to analyze and ultimately reinvent the partnership between a federal agency and one of its nonprofit partners.
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Leadership Development

Be A Nonprofit CEO: A Call to Action

Explore how the nonprofit arena is changing and why now is the perfect time to take your career to the next level or develop the skills needed to adapt to the exciting new realities. Find out the three things you need to know to be a successful nonprofit CEO.
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Technical Assistance

Outcome-Driven Technical Assistance: From Process to Impact

Technical assistance (TA) is about more than sharing information and providing training. Learn how to achieve systems change outcomes and provide TA that delivers a return on investment. Employ a simple five-step process to build a highly effective, consistent TA function in your organization.
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