Results Matter

You care about results. So do we. We like to think that’s why so many nonprofits, agencies, and foundations have chosen to work with us more than once.

Here’s what some of our clients say about the results we have helped them achieve

Strategic Planning

"I have said it before, but it is worth repeating: great job! Thank you so much for your obvious dedication to the task and your diplomatic, yet firm, handling of the group. All of us were very impressed."

Jeff Weil, Chairman of the Board
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, 2020

"First off, thank you for an extraordinary job — I’m still a bit in awe of how you piloted us through a day and a half, including a few rough shoals …. and still came up with such a polished framework"

Scott Weidensaul, Board Member

Business Planning

"Shelli Bischoff was masterful in guiding Audubon International through a highly focused strategic planning process. She brought forth deep insights among us and boldly showed us where our organization could be better. Shelli is an exceptional professional."

Henry DeLozier, Board President
Audubon International, 2018

Strategic Planning

"As you can guess, strategic planning is now a part of our regular vocabulary, constituting a light on everything we talk about and do. Alex and the Board look to 2019 to achieve our initial goals, which we believe will make significant, positive impacts on the Foundation."  

William Prince, Board Past President
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, 2019

"Your hard work, professionalism, expertise, and insights were just what was needed to get this project to the finish line. …we do have a great plan!."  

Mike Malmquist, Board Chair

Change Management/Organizational Effectiveness

"Thanks to you/Non-Profit Impact. Karen is a real treasure. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her authenticity, commitment, talent, and overall greatness. She is one-of-a-kind! Professional, expert, competent and a joy to work with!! With her partnership, I am feeling truly confident about our planning process including so many great unintended consequences that Karen has helped me uncover. I am super excited to get to this work over the finish line. We are enormously grateful for your partnership… "

Katy Hamilton, CEO
CWEE (Center for Work Education and Employment), 2019


"Our marketing plan for D&R Greenway has guided our work and is producing results…

We have focused our virtual events to build different target audiences … We are growing a new audience along with our traditional audience with each new offering, …

Our targeted Open Space is Open emails have gotten a lot of attention,… we've added 7 new trustees, a mix of men and women and many YOUNG (from 25-45), with specific skills including marketing and promotion."

Linda Mead, CEO
D&R Greenway Land Trust, 2018

Here’s More about the results we have helped Our Clients achieve

"Conservation Impact was a good value for the money we invested and strengthened the organization."
Phil Wenger, Lancaster Conservancy, 2020

"Your ability to get this accomplished, even with all the craziness in our world right now, shows your professionalism and adaptability"
DeLaine Bender, AMR Management Services, for Women’s Energy Network, 2020

"Your facilitation style was very nonthreatening, friendly and conducive to an open and honest discussion."
Caroline Katmann, Focus Group Participant, 2018

"The strategic plan has created a useful framework…the best part of the plan was it gave the board an opportunity to bond and focus in the same direction and gave us agreement on our area of focus."
Jill Bouillon, Bayou Land Conservancy, 2018

"Shelli and her team provided the Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT) with the tools, leadership, and experience that has taken the SFCT from infancy to providing sustainable and meaningful programs in just 4 years."

David Guernsey, Special Forces Charitable Trust, 2016

"The Board also expressed extreme esteem for you and your work, your broad expertise with land conservation organizations, your keen observations of PLAN, and your custom-tailored recommendations for our situation. "

Maria Trabka, Saratoga PLAN, 2016

"I am grateful to you for your patience, expertise and humanity in working with us…it was a life-changing experience. "

Doug McBride, Orange County Land Trust, 2008

"Of all the consultants we have had over the 15 years I have been here, no one has helped us to be more transformative and to act on what we learned for the advancement of our mission."
Glenn Hoagland, Mohonk Preserve, 2007

"WOW, you blew my socks off as well as the Board's. You are by far the best consultant experience I have ever had and I thank you so very much for working with our organization… For the first time it seemed we had a purpose and direction. "

Carol Winge, North American Lake Management Society, 2005

"Shelli understands organizational dynamics and the need for strategic direction, clarity and commitment to execution, and she is gifted at inspiring and even helping discipline organizations to focus appropriately in order to achieve the desired results. "

Susan G. Connelly, Colorado Chautauqua Association, 2004

"I cannot tell you enough what a pleasure it was/is to get instruction from someone of your professional and personal caliber who has an obvious interest in seeing our project succeed as much as we do. "

Ann Tirimacco, Community Investment, Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh, 2003