27 Years of Impact

Since 1996, committed to helping organizations reach greater mission impact.

Conservation Impact was founded in 1996 by Shelli Bischoff and Will Murray to help nonprofits and government agencies overcome organizational obstacles to they could have greater mission impact. Together, they created a small company that made a big impact for organizations doing on-the-ground conservation.

Shelli expanded the company’s focus after Will’s retirement in 2006 and founded Nonprofit Impact to serve organizations in public health, healthy aging, human services, and education.

Karen Buck joined Shelli in 2007. Today, Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact operate as one, with the same staff and the same high standards, dedicated to service, quality, and impact.

Your impact is our mission.


We work solely within the nonprofit, public, and philanthropic sectors.


We serve targeted subsectors:

  • Conservation, environment, and natural resources
  • Public health, healthy living, and aging
  • Food systems


We specialize in the critical components of organizational success and sustainability as defined by our Integrated Strategy, and we use this to design consulting and training products and services that get results.


Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact have worked in 45 states and 5 countries with over 735 clients on more than 1200 projects.

Company History

Conservation Impact was founded in 1996 by Shelli Bischoff and Will Murray to make a difference in the world of conservation by helping organizations be stronger, more efficient, and therefore more impact-ful in their ability to achieve on-the-ground conservation. Shelli’s 20+ years’ experience in providing management assistance to nonprofits and small businesses combined with Will’s 20+ years’ experience in conservation science created the perfect team to start this mission-driven small business.

Upon Will’s retirement in 2006, Shelli added Nonprofit Impact as a “sister” company to serve organizations in the healthy living and healthy aging, public health, and chronic disease prevention, human services, and education sub-sectors. As time went on, we recognized the increasing synergies between our clients working on environmental issues and our clients interested in public health and well-being, blurring the distinction between the two companies.

Always “practicing what we preach,” Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact are undergoing yet another reinvention to ensure continuous improvement and relevancy for our clients. In 2018 we enhanced our training offerings and invested in new learning platforms to support on-line small cohort learning opportunities. We also created the Impact Learning Network to broadly share our expertise, insights, and practical tips and tools with seasoned and aspiring nonprofit and public sector leaders and managers.

Our staff cares deeply about the critically important and urgent mission-related work of our clients. YOUR success and impact … is OUR mission!

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