23 Years of Impact

Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact are client-centered practices of our mission-driven company dedicated to helping organizations become more impactful, successful, and sustainable.


We work solely with nonprofits, government agencies, and foundations.


We serve targeted subsectors:

  • Conservation, environment, and wildlife
  • Public health, healthy living, and aging
  • Food systems, community development, and urban planning


We specialize in the critical components of organizational success and sustainability as defined by our Integrated Strategy, and we use this to design consulting and training products and services that get results.


Together, Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact have worked in 45 states and 5 countries with over 735 clients on more than 1200 projects.


Shelli Bischoff began Conservation Impact in 1996 to work with nonprofits and government agencies conserving land and water, protecting species, and providing environmental advocacy and education. To complement this work, she added Nonprofit Impact in 2003, through which we have worked with organizations and agencies dedicated to public and community health, education, aging, and human services.


In the past several years, we have seen significant intersections between the conservation and health fields. We are expanding our work in sectors such as food systems, community development, and urban planning in which the health of natural spaces and the health of individuals and communities affect each other. We also bring this interdisciplinary perspective to benefit our clients who fit squarely into the conservation or health sectors, helping them to refine their strategic directions, forge new partnerships, and hone their marketing and communications strategies.


Refreshing our brand through the years