Capacity Framework Graphic

Capacity Framework: Tool for Taking Effective Action

In Learning Network by Jamie Mierau

High impact managers and leaders make deliberate decisions about how they are going to accomplish a task. That is the practice that distinguishes a high impact manager and leader. They look at and diagnose a situation. They consider the different ways they can take action and they select the best tool for the job.

The Capacity Framework is one tool to help you sort through your options, select the best tool, and take action without getting overwhelmed.

This framework is a quick and easy way to help you think through the type of capacity you could use and the ways you could use it. Some involve lower and higher levels of investment in capacity.

For example, the “Work Smarter” quadrant is a lower investment in capacity and offers a little more structure. “Working Smarter” is about looking for efficiencies, systems, and boilerplates you could use to approach an issue.

“Increase Resources” is about asking for what you really need. It’s saying, “Hey board of directors, we started this new program and it’s really taking off. The budget we set isn’t realistic anymore.” It’s about thinking creatively about resources.

“Do Less” is uncompromising focus, learning to say no, skipping meetings, and reigning in our inner perfectionism by doing ‘B-level’ work when it makes sense.

“Empower Self & Others” is about investing in people, asking for help when you need it, getting involved in the right places, and empowering others to get involved where it makes sense for them.

We invite you to print the Capacity Framework and put it where it’s easily accessible, so it can serve as your daily go-to guide. And consider sharing it with your team to help them unleash their superpowers.