More on Leadership vs. Management

In Leadership by Shelli Bischoff

In a recent post we outlined the differences between the functions of leadership and the functions of management. We discussed the importance of both functions within any organization, even though in smaller organizations one person might wear both hats.

Coincidentally, the cover story for the June 2012 Harvard Business Review is entitled, The Big Shift: How Managers Become Leaders. It’s clear that turning good managers into good leaders is an issue throughout the private sector as well as our nonprofit and public sectors.

The article summarizes the seven seismic shifts that the function head must make when becoming a leader. The author, Michael Watson, does a great job of contrasting the management skill and mindset versus the leadership skill and mindset. More importantly, the article explains how to go about making the shift. I recommend taking a few minutes to read the article and consider the implications for your organization..

How does your organization groom effective managers to become effective leaders?