Must-Have Special Event Tools

In Fundraising by Karen Buck

A few months ago we shared the 5 worst reasons to do a special event. There are a lot of ways hosting an event can waste resources or distract an organization from more important work.

But, events can also be a powerful tool to raise visibility, funds, and awareness. So it seems only fair to share our favorite tools that can help you decide if a special event is right for your organization and make sure you squeeze all the, “juice” out of any special event you decide to take on.

1. Special Event Feasibility Worksheet

Use this tool to answer the key questions regarding content, target market, logistics, and budget to help you decide whether or not a particular special event is feasible for your organization.

2. Organizational Impact Worksheet

Before you say yes to that special event, make time to consider what impact it will have on the organization. Use this worksheet to explore how committing to the event will affect all your resources and inform your decision making.

3. Define Your Win Worksheet

Ever seen a fundraiser turn into a “friend-raiser”?  Events are a really expensive way to raise money (or do anything else). So, define the win and make sure an event delivers enough return on investment to be worthwhile. This worksheet guides you through creating a clear, specific definition of success for your event.

Remember to take your time and be thoughtful before committing. Any event is bound drain resources, so it better be one of the most strategic things you can do with your organization’s resources (i.e., it better help you meet your strategic goals in a significant way!). If you move forward, make sure you have strong leaders in place to rally the troops and consider building a planning committee dominated by members of your target market.

Happy event planning!

(image credit: peabody111)