Preparing the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders

In Succession by Karen Buck

“78% of (nonprofit) leaders intend to leave their job by 2020.”

– Opportunity in Change: Preparing Boston for Leader Transitions and New Models of Nonprofit Leadership

Whether the cause is changing demographics, organizational growth, or a lack of job satisfaction, a significant leadership transition is underway in the nonprofit sector.

We have a theory.

While a leadership gap is looming, there are many people who really care about our issues and want to do mission-driven work. Some will be young emerging leaders. Others will come from the business world, in search of work that feeds their passions and interests.

And, many among this influx of new leaders will need additional skills and knowledge to successfully translate their desire and experience into effective leadership for the sector.

This will require a new kind of professional development—not just a webinar, but not a graduate degree in nonprofit management, either. Something flexible, customized, and applicable that focuses on the core skills and knowledge leaders will need, backed up with ongoing support from advisers and a cohort of peers. It would need to deliver value to both the individual and the organization:

We want to make an impact on the future of the nonprofit sector and find a way to meet this need. To do that, we need your help! We want to connect with people in our network who are thinking about leadership and succession issues and with those who hope to be part of that next generation of leaders.

If that sounds like you

…or one of your employees, or maybe your best friend or family member – we’d love to hear from you. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas will directly impact how we design and develop this idea. If you share your thoughts with us, we promise to follow up and keep you in the loop as we progress. So, if you care about this issue, we invite you to be a part of the conversation.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Image by Stuart Skelton.