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Learning to Listen

In Leadership by Karen Buck

Regardless of the kind of project or type of organization we work with, our clients usually want more of something from someone: More new donors, members, or funders More engagement …

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When is a Partner not a Partner?

In Partnerships by Shelli Bischoff

(This post is part 1 in a month-long series on partnerships) Many nonprofit organizations and public agencies do their work in partnership with others. Not only are such partnerships seen …

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Dust-Covered Plans

In Strategic Planning by Karen Buck

One question I always ask while preparing for any planning process is: “What needs to come out of this process for you to consider it successful?” Do you want to …

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How do You Make Decisions?

In Management by Lisa Selzler

We cannot be all things to all people. Successful organizations (agencies, programs, etc.) focus on who they are, what results they need to achieve, and who they need to engage …